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Mataneedol School. Wednesday August 7th our Student Council Team and Mattayom 1 Students Nano and Mak attended the Office of Education symposium at the Kice International Exhibition Centre. The students made and served our famous Mulberry Green Tea and presented their A.I projects including a smoke detector with sensor system (P.M.2.5 detector) and motion detector. This led to us receiving two awards. The King Rama VII best practice award for a private school in North-eastern Thailand and The Best Practice for a private school in Khonkaen Province. Mataneedol School also received great appreciation for our student’s excellent English language skills. Other visitors to the booth were Ms. Pradinan Sadawong, Inspector General of the Ministry Education and Dr. Suphachai Junphum, Education Director, Khon Kaen Province.Dr. Oratai Santimataneedol, the founder and principal of the school, encouraged the students to speak to our visitors about the school and what we are currently doing.

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