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Mataneedol School. Friday August 9th, 2019, Asean Day. Today Dr.Oratai Santimataneedol, Founder and Principal of Mataneedol School attended an International band and song composing contest (Musical Arts) at Khonkaen University where the school received an award from the Khonkaen University Faculty of law. She was joined by students from Grade and Mattayom levels. Coached by their music teacher Mr. Pisut Ruangsap (Mr Dome) and much to the delight of everyone they delighted and entertained the delegates with their musical prowess. MS. Arisa Iwai sang two songs backed by members of the school band. Mr.Krittayot Tinop (Ton Ton) played lead guitar, Mr.Watcharabun Anutarworn (Andamun) played Bass guitar and Mr.Siriwat Sathon (Salmon) played drums.

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