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Mataneedol School, Tuesday August 13th 2019. 12th Annual Science Event Day.
Our grade school students can be seen taking part in a remote controlled robotic competition with
Teacher Dome and Teacher Bum Bim as part of our A.I curriculum and in readiness for this
Friday’s Science Event. The students have to complete laps of the pool and push the balls across
the pool whilst dividing them into different colours. Teacher’s Bum Bim and Dome will act as judges
during the qualifying heats culminating in the final round on Friday when the winner of
the championship will be revealed. Mataneedol School organize this Science Fair event
annually which is in its 12th year. It gives the students an opportunity to learn about science
the emphasis being on active learning and fun. We would like to thank Assistant Professor
Dr. Kaysorn Wongkasem (Mintra’s Mum) from the Department of Mechatronics Engineering.
Faculty of Engineering Mahasarakam University for providing the robot and always assisting
and helping us with our A.I Curriculum.


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