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2019 Student Council
Emma (Grade 5) President
Pete (Grade 5) Vice President
Punpun (Grade 5) Secretary
Yeen (Grade 5) Treasurer
Nattha (Grade 5) Committee
Making Mulberry green tea at Mataneedol School is now in its 12th year.
Live video clip of the NBT television show on YouTube
The Students at Mataneedol School are very confident in their ability to converse in English in front of the television cameras whilst the making of this programme took place.
Dr Oratai Santimataneedol, Principal and Founder of Mataneedol School was interviewed about the growing process of Mulberry trees since the programme inception over 12 years ago.
Ms Papintrip Poursopis Presenter of the “Click idea” TV show from National Broadcasting Services of Thailand asked the Principal about her vision and management for the school. She mentioned that the schools vision is to encourage our students to participate in active learning activities which will teach them important life skills that can be utilised throughout their lives and passed on to the next generation thus keeping Thai culture alive.
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