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Secondary Level Class at Mataneedol School opened it’s doors to the world of outside learning today covering the very important subject and life skill of CPR resuscitation This very effective form of active learning was given by the Khon Kaen centre Hospital Accident and Crisis Center Division with
Dr. Oratai Santimataneedol (Principal Fon), Mr. Allan Philp head of foreign teachers ,P.H.Kat
(,the school public health team and our assistant nurses, Mataneedol school Look closely and are always ready to participate in activities which give students the opportunity to gain real life experience from learning. Students have a responsibility to themselves and their local communities to learn these important life skills and be global Citizens.

On behalf of Mataneedol School we would like to thank you Dr. Thawatchai Imphool, MD, acting on behalf of the director of
Khon Kaen Hospital.
It was an honor to be able to participate in an activity which has such tremendous benefit. To everyone who took part.

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