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Mataneedol, Clear Vision 2020 (2020 Vision✨⚡️)
We want everyone to have a practical, basic health education as well as an academic one.
Mataneedol students are not only prolific learners but are also great, global citizens.
All students, from Kindergarten 2 to Secondary school will learn CPR.
This skill is a very useful lifeskill as it could
help save a life in a crisis situation. Our Principal, Dr. Oratai Santimataneedol, Principal Fon,
who's clear vision has made it possible for every student to reach their true potential.
Principal Fon believes that every student should learn CPR in case of an emergency,
therefore we have created the CPR Club during the lunch break.
The training is presented by our public health team, a nurse, secondary school students
and the student council president. Having knowledge and understanding
of real life-saving skills, can help your family or even a passing stranger in an emergency,
be prepared! Active learning to be a global citizen!
Mataneedol、Clear Vision 2020

本当の練習! 基本的な健康と教育

フォン校長のオラタイサンティメータニードン博士は、明確なビジョンを持ち、すべての学生の可能性を見ることができ、CPRを学び、緊急時に人々を救うことができると信じているため、昼休み中にCPRクラブを導入しました。 中等教育から始まるCPRトレーニングとして、公衆衛生チームと看護師、メータニードンを組織します。生徒インスペクターおよび小学校生徒会長生徒向け現実の救命スキルについての知識と理解を持ち、家族を助けることができます

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