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Mataneedol School has truly been concerned and has been paying close attention to our students hygiene and our staff team and to ensure that they are taken care of in every way possible we have the nurse team who has been doing a wonderful job in screening everybody before entering the building in every morning plus we have a plenty of wall mounted hand sanitizer available throughout our school so that everybody could easily get access to.

メータニードン学校は本当に心配しており、生徒の衛生状態とスタッフチームに細心の注意を払っており、あらゆる方法で生徒の面倒を見るようにしています。 毎朝の建物に加えて、誰もが簡単にアクセスできるように、学校全体で壁掛け式の手指消毒剤をたくさん用意しています。

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