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The principal Dr. Oratai Santimataneedol had a meeting and video conference to reassure all staff that unlike many other Oganizations who won’t pay Staffs during Outbreak that our teachers will not lose their salaries during the covid19 pandemic.
Mataneedol School has always prided itself on its ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to any situation good or bad, In readiness to face any situation due to our dedicated team. This has developed staff who are highly experienced and ready to give the highest standard of care to all of our students

メータニードン学校は常に、善悪の状況に迅速かつ効率的に適応できる能力に誇りを持っています。 これは、経験豊富で、すべての生徒に最高水準のケアを提供する準備ができているスタッフを育成しました。

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