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Mataneedol Innovation

New Facial scanning equipment at Mataneedol School. ‘Scans faces and takes your temperature quickly and efficiently. We care about our students, parents and staffs health and wellbeing.
To maintain security at Mataneedol School we have install several facial recognition cameras. These scanners will record every person who visits the school, records the time of arrival and takes your temperature at the same time. It’s the best security equipment and is in keeping with Mataneedol policy to ensure that everyone who visits us is kept as safe as possible. 👍🏻👍🏻, 👏🏻
👩👩👦👦👨👩👧 We have 3 scanners at various levels which will suit everyone’s height. 😊
👀 A brand new innovation which allows us to create an automatic Individual student admission system.
👩🏻🔧 The automatic body thermometers will relieve pressure on our nursing team in the mornings and afternoons and ensures that no one is ever missed👨🏻🦰 Ultimately this temperature screening in a controlled situation will help us to monitor and prevent the spread of COVID-19

💃🏻 Thank you to our Principal, Dr Orathai Santimataneedol 💖 who continuously searches for the latest medical innovations to help protect us all at school.


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