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Today November 26th was the official opening day of our amazing new library and recreation room. Parents,teachers and students gathered to take a good look around. Principal Fon took an idea in her head and created this inovative space where everyone can sit,read or just relax for a while whilst enjoying the beautiful gardens and aquarium. Everyone loves this new addition to our school.Thankyou Principal Fon.📒📓📚📙📑今日11月26日は、私たちの新しく素晴らしい図書室とレクリエーション室の正式なオープニングデーでした保護者教師生徒が集まり周りを見て回りました校長先生が先頭を切りアイデアを出し美しい庭園や水槽を楽しんだりしながら誰もが座ったり読んだりリラックスしたりできるこの空間を作りま

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