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For the last 14 years our students have been lucky to engage in active learning
outside learning about nature and food production. Our school grounds are encompassed
with abundant green foliage which covers 30% of our school grounds
offering wonderful fresh air produced by the plants and trees which surround them.
Our students love to learn about nature and they always enjoy spending this time with our principal.

过去的 14 年里,我们的学生很幸运。他们能够积极地投入到户外学习。
期间学生们学习了自然和食物的生产。 我们的校园被茂密的绿叶所包围,
植物覆盖了我们校园 30% 的面积,周围植物和树木产出和提供给我们美妙新鲜空气。


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