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Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

Saturday 9th February, the Pullman Hotel, Khonkaen.Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) JAPAN Mega FAM Trip.
On Saturday 9th February our grade 6 student Arisa Iwai was invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand
(TAT) to be their young Ambassador for the evening. They invited the "TAT Japan Mega FAM Project’ from Japan
who came to Thailand with their leading travel and media representatives to experience unique local and cultural
Thai experiences in Khon Kaen and the North-eastern province.Arisa was invited to make a presentation in Japanese |
and was accompanied by her mother, Chuleemas Boonthai, Dr. Oratai Santimataneedol, founder and Principal of
Mataneedol School and her Japanese teacher Dai Suket, who also teaches at Mataneedol School.
Arisa did a presentation about ‘The Sa-On Dinosaur Trail, in Khon Kaen-Kalasin to raise awareness and help promote
Thai-Japanese tourism on behalf of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).Arisa impressed the audience with
her tri-lingual speaking ability, speaking in Japanese, Thai and English throughout her presentation,
much to the delight of everyone in the room. We would love to thank Arisa’s mother, Chuleemas Boonthai
for her continued support of Mataneedol School and to Dr Oratai Santimataneedol who continues to nurture
Arisa’s Academic speaking career and supports Arisa in her presentation work wherever possible.

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