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February 25th/26th 2019
Over the last two days we have been visited by some of our Japanese teacher, Dai Suket’s, friends who are currently studying in Nagasaki, Japan at the Metta Nidone School and Wesleyan University.
The purpose of the visit was to work with our students in their individual areas of specialty. 
On the 25th the students took part in various activities with them such as singing, sports, and origami.
On the 26th, they were taught how to make Zenzai, which is a traditional Japanese snack. Zenzai is a sweet Azuki red bean soup with baked Mochi or Dango in it. Zenzai is basically a soup made from Anko, (a sweet red bean paste) which is the crucial ingredient for traditional Japanese confectioneries.
Quote: ‘Everyone got to taste some of it. This activity was a very good experience for the children.’
‘Everyone at Wesleyan University would like to say thank you very much for allowing us to visit Mataneedol School. We are looking forward to our next visit.

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